Low Pressure Fitness is a gentle and low-impact form of exercise routine. It involves postures, exercises, and breathing. Contrary to most forms of exercise, it lowers the pressure in the abdominal and pelvic cavities,the pressure that our daily routines put on our core like sitting, bad posture, and the strain caused by some exercises.

What catch your attention on this technique is the abdominal vacuum considered like the landmark of this training system

In essence it is a complete body workout that gives impressive results,waistline reduction, flat belly, back pain releve , better posture and breathing patterns in a short time.


Improve Posture ,Core Strength and Stability: By targeting the deep muscles of the core, Low Pressure Fitness helps develop a strong and stable core, improving overall posture and spinal alignment.
Improved Breathing: The technique emphasizes diaphragmatic breathing, enhancing lung capacity, oxygenation, and respiratory efficiency.
Enhanced Pelvic Floor Health: Low Pressure Fitness incorporates exercises that promote pelvic floor engagement and rehabilitation, offering effective solutions for pelvic floor disorders ( incontinence , prolapse, pain)
Release Back pain: By addressing postural imbalances, Low Pressure Fitness can help alleviate back pain, improve body alignment, and prevent injuries related to poor posture
Waistline Reduction: Regular practice of Low Pressure Fitness can lead to a reduction in waist circumference and a more defined waistline.
Athletic Performance: The core strength, postural alignment, and breathing techniques developed through Low Pressure Fitness can enhance performance in various physical activities, such as yoga, pilates, and sports.
Increased Body Awareness: Through the mindful movements and focus on breathing, Low Pressure Fitness cultivates body awareness and promotes a deeper mind-body connection. 
Postnatal rehabilitation: new mothers can experience improved core strength, enhanced pelvic floor function, reduced diastasis recti, better posture, and a gentle path to recovery.
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