online hypopressives program

Challenge your daily workout routine and build consistency with this beginner LPF HYPOPRESSIVEs program of 3 months, 12 classes of 30 min , to your own pace and with Alexa support. Star your waistline reduction.For anyone looking to learn this Training System build or maintain a weekly routine or for those that obtain their LPF
Certification and need a guide in their clase,”how to create a flow”
You will start with the principles of the breathing and then posture, the fundamentals of the technique .
Each sesión will increase the level of difficulties but you’ll finish each one feeling energetic and accomplished
Your body will feel the difference after the series is done!


INICIACIÓN PROGRAMA DE HIPOPRESIVOS “ reducción de cintura Español

Get ready to twist, tone, and sculpt your way to a stronger center. This program of 12 classes will work your body to the max through dynamic postures and slo-range movements to fire up that healthy burn. You’ll find a new way to understand this complete training system with targeted core exercises, as well as classes to work your arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs using your core to support those movements. Whether you practice the classes in order or choose what you need for the day, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling sore to your muscles filled with a new level of appreciation for the powerhouse within you.
In this course we Build deep core awareness that will support you in other workouts

INTERMEDIATE HYPOPRESSIVES PROGRAM “Tone and define” ( Esential requirement to acquire level 2 is to have taken level one or be a certified LPF instructor) English

INTERMEDIO PROGRAMA DE HIPOPRESIVOS  “Tonifica y define” ( Requisito imprescindible para adquirir el nivel 2 es haber cursado el nivel uno o ser instructor certificado LPF) Español

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